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November 20, 2023  ENflag
"Cell Alignment in Aqueous Solution employing a Flexural Plate Wave Piezoelectric MEMS Transducer" by A.Nastro, M.Ba¨, M.Ferrari, L.Rufer, S.Basrour, V.Ferrari published Open Access in IEEE Accesss.

October 20, 2023  ENflag
V. Ferrari in the Top 2% Scientists Worldwide 2023 Ranking by Stanford University and Elsevier for his lifetime career in Electrical & Electronic Engineering.

September 15, 2023  ENflag
Special session on Acoustic MEMS chaired by L.Rufer and V.Ferrari at Forum Acusticum conference 2023.

September 13, 2023  ENflag
Special session on Sustainable Sensors chaired by V.Ferrari and M.De Vittorio at Eurosensors conference 2023.

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